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"Mens Sana in Corpore Sano"

"Thantawan" or "ดอกทานตะวัน" is the name of the sunflower in Thailand. 

Here too its name means "flower of the sun".
People admire the sunflower in Thailand not only because of her beauty, but also because she demonstrates the property to follow the sun. 

This strength and endurance to defy the live-giving, but also life-taking mighty and powerful sun all day without drying up is a fascinating trait of nature.  

The sunflower embodies intelligence and courage and as a symbol of nature its circle of life, a unique treasure of perfection, creativity, knowledge, wisdom and spirituality is attributed to her. 

This impressive ancient symbol of life, body and spirit guides us in our effort to transfer this vital energy to you through a holistically oriented Traditional Thai Wellness Massage, here in the delightful city of Basel (Gundeli).

Effects of Thai Massage in Eastern Medicine:

In the wisdom of  Traditional Thai Massage the pressure applied to certain pressure points (Marmapoints) and corresponding engery lines (Thai: สิบเส้น) is associated with the relfief of the following ailments:

Headache | Musculoskeletal Pain | Muscle Pain | Muscle Tenderness  Sleeplessness | Nausea | Diarrhea | Tinnitus | Constipation | Backpain | Nervousness  |  Coughing | Joint Pain | Irritable Bowel Snydrom | IBS | Fatigue | Herniated Disc | Anxiety | Morbus Parkinson | Multiple SkleroseCellulite | Anxiety Disorders | Depression | Burn Out | Stress | Migraine Elevated Blood Pressure | Increased Pulse Rate | bonding and hardening of muscles and connective tissues | Paralysis

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Our Test & Trial offer only for interested, curious & new customers

Traditional Thai Medical Massage Test & Trial Offer: Mo-Fr: 10am - 3pm: 15min only for CHF 10.-

We now have a welltrained new male Masseur who is particurly powerful and is specialized in the treatment of musculoskeletal problems, headaches and migraine.